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Our Lovely Pizza


Pizza is the most excellent cuisine in the world and my favorite food. Mostly everyone in the world has had pizza in some way or form. First, the taste, depending on the topping you choose; pizza can be different for everyone. It can be spicy if you add jalapenos, It’s hot, and delicious at the same time. It’s genuinely a pleasant taste when you take that first bite, and all the flavors of the sauce, cheese, and seasoning go rushing towards your taste buds. Second thing, the sound pizza makes. That crunchy sound you hear when biting into that delicious seasoned crust. It’s like heaven on earth.
Another thing that’s great about pizza is how it feels. It has a smooth exterior if done correctly. It can also be gooey, and the bread is nice and crispy. One of the great things that makes pizza look amazing and also causes my mouth to water is, of course, the toppings and cheese. The pepperonis, jalapenos, ham, sausage, etc. They all make pizza unique in its way, but still gives it that awesome look and heavenly taste. And sure, every pizza is greasy to some extent, but it’s still tasty. One final thing to take into consideration is the smell. It’s compelling, and smell most people around the world know of. When being baked, you can get a whiff of the soft mozzarella cheese or sauce. It’s an enticing odor. Pizza has many scents that will have people lined up craving a slice or more. In conclusion, this is why pizza is the most excellent cuisine in the world and my favorite food.

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